Our access to every platform available allows us to move your freight, regardless of size or service requirement. Many businesses require the use of a variety of different vehicles within the same business day. The strength of our network allows us to accommodate any request.

Our full truckload service is available on Flat Deck, Dry Van and Temperature Controlled units. Moving anywhere in North America, allows companies to benefit from the flexibility of our network and move freight with one partner.

Having contracts with all the major Nationwide carriers in Canada and the United States has allowed us a bird’s eye view of what each of these carrier do well. LTL freight moving in the Element network is moving with a carrier whose system best supports the required service level and price point.

Many projects require time sensitive shipments to deliver on a very short timeline. While this service can be costly, our team works quickly to find a partner within budget and willing to commit to an on-time delivery. Often Hot Shot deliveries happen in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or an early morning, but our trusted partnerships can be relied on to make it happen.

While Element Freight is a proud Canadian Business, that doesn’t mean we don’t move freight into and from the United States. Whether the freight is destined for the deep south or for the east coast, we can deliver. In order to expedite these shipments, our customer service team will liaise between the shipper and carrier to ensure a smooth customs clearance.

Often businesses rely on Dangerous Goods to bring their products to market and finding a carrier to facilitate their moves can be difficult. Our extensive network of carriers is comprised of many Dangerous Goods Carriers who are able to handle almost any move; their certifications, and safety procedures allows even the move delicate moves to execute smoothly. Element Freight can handle almost anything such as; live ammunition, flammable, corrosive and even freight that requires ventilation.

Many water based products need to be protected from the elements during our harsh Canadian winter, just like fruits and vegetables need to remain cool during a California summer. In order to protect these types of freight, farmers and production facilities alike rely on Temperature Controlled Units to transport their goods to market. While not every carrier uses “Reefer” trucks, our Operations Team has reached out, and found carriers in all regions that can be relied on for this level of service.

Large or heavy pieces regularly require the use of Flat Decks. While flat decks come in many different configurations, that doesn’t limit our access to a solution. Whether that solution is a Step Deck, B-Train or Role-Tite, we have the partners to support those requests.

While Dry Vans are certainly the most common trucks on the road in city centers, they are far more uncommon in more remote areas of the country. Regardless of the region or the time of year Element Freight can complete these moves with ease. Whether your move is dock to dock, or requires the use of a power tailgate, Element Freight can deliver.

Moving freight from point A to point B isn’t always as easy as finding a truck. Oversized moves are filled with more wrinkles and pit falls than the untrained eye can see. Finding a partner to manage these moves certainly helps reduce the stress level and increase the expectation of a seamless delivery. Element can handle everything from crane pick ups, pilot cars, permits and even police escorts. Good communication is the key to any well executed move and Element is here to quarterback projects from beginning to end.

Tradeshows are often the lifeblood of the retail industry. Many companies acquire a large amount of new customers and a significant amount of their yearly sales at industry shows. For these reasons, everything must be in order and set up prior to the show opening. The risk of a booth not arriving is simply unacceptable. Element freight can advise on the best dates to ship a display booth and even accommodate storage a few days early to completely eliminate any chance of a missed delivery. Once all the excitement is over we will be there to pick up again. Regardless of when the pick up and drop off times are, Element Freight will ensure that our team is standing by.

Often manufacturers and retailers ship to customers who are simply not set up to accept freight. Perhaps the receiver has no dock or requires the freight to be unpacked and rubbish removed; our team will make it happen. Element Freight can handle everything from inside delivery to white glove services.